New York Times best-selling author, Kathryn Lynn Davis, wrote, “Mesmerizing suspense and breathtaking action, scientific genius, the threat of world destruction and the power of one man determined to stop it. The concept is both shocking and frightening, and it’s so well written I was completely overtaken by the chilling reality created in these pages.”

“First, I will say, this is an amazing piece of work. You should be very proud of yourself.  You’ve accomplished something with this piece that goes beyond being an engaging read, it contains a messages that all societies should be aware of, and brings it from being the stuff that thrillers are made of, to up close and personal possible events that could, or perhaps are, going on around us (or to us) at this very moment.

You’re very gifted Dallas. Not all are. I’m reminded of, “Tho whom much is given …. ” I believe you’ve more than met a requirement in putting your knowledge and talent to work in bringing awareness of the possibilities of the magnitude of seriously nasty things that can happen to entire societies when they get lazy and stop being on guard in protecting their freedoms on an individual level.
On a final note …. this book spooked the piss out of me. Characters I liked in the beginning I disliked by the end, and vice versa. Things I anticipated them doing, they didn’t. Things I thought they wouldn’t, they did. It was constantly twisting me with surprises.

It’s a masterpiece Dallas. I’m impressively amazed with your talent.”  Angelia

“Mr. Dallas W. Thompson has a new release of one of the most impressive stories I’ve ever read in the lines of fiction blended with fact. I’d explain further what I mean by that description, but you really should simply read it and you’ll understand. Cross, double cross, and double cross again will become the order of the day as Dr. Reid struggles to save not only him, those he loves, but also all of humanity. Mind control, genetically engineered parasites, remote neural monitoring on a world basis, secret powerful organizations, and conspiracies within conspiracies all hiding in plain sight, covered by our leaders’ great paranoia – only those with a need to know may know. Fiction ? Maybe”… Helen

“Military Applications- The U. S. military knows about Toxoplasmosis (T. gondii) and its effect on human behavior. They are interested in T. gondii. They are officially intrigued.  I am concerned… The entrance to this Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) is in the rear of a civilian hangar has been done in other areas.  This book scares me.” Larry