Blog – Infected by T. gondii Parasite?



The author’s concern and motivation to write this book using a fiction genre is focus on the possibility of good leaders who are not accountable to others becoming corrupt. In the classified Top Secret community, the foundation of security is based upon the “need to know.” This concept is the tried and true philosophy that limits the possibility of security breaches where the “enemy” may learn of the classified information.

If you do not need to know, you are  not told. This provides opportunities to “hide in plain sight.” Only the leader knows what the pieces are when they assemble them. The assembled project is greater than the parts of the project. The “pieces” has transformed non-classified information and materials into Top Secret.

The fiction genre allows the author to not discuss actual classified activities. The rogue leaders with hidden agendas working in classified, “Black Box” unlimited financing, that do not have to disclose their “classified Top Secret” activities are real.

The existing integration of science and psychology provides real concerns. Who decides what the “right thing is?” What “rules of warfare exists? Who decides the ethical, “human rights” issue? Who decides the political boundaries and sharing across political philosophies? Who is really in charge?

Toxoplosmosis (T. gondii) is real. Most of us are infected with the parasite. It changes our behaviors and entire cultures. There is no cure. As in E. coli, 20 years ago, a “E. coli, a bad bug” was altered to provide human insulin to eliminate the use of cows (bovine products) to create human insulin, a single T. gondii gene has been identified causing human behavioral changes. Who decides what behaviors are needed? Who decides the “risk vs. benefits?”

The possibilities are unlimited… Who is in charge? Who is the “Leader?” Grants are being given to research T. gondii. Who is orchestrating and assembling the newly discovered knowledge? Research is done in “plain sight.”

This is NOT fiction…

Why I am writing, “Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma” I want the reader to have an awareness of the importance of leadership with accountability. My book is focused on real-world observations of where power when not accountable corrupts good leaders. My book reflects my experience in Joint Chiefs of Staff – Far East and Crypto assignments in Top Secret endeavors…

Hide in Plain Sight When you are “cloaked” under the veil of “classified” “black-box” Top Secret activities with funding that is not limited… Good leaders can and do “go bad.” It is frightening what happens. People are killed with no “oversight.” Classified activities require on an occasion people be “eliminated.” Who decides? If armed with “fool-proof” methods to have “victims” die from “natural causes” who would know? On a macro scale, the same thing is happening as you read this article… Generals and individuals have the ability to “eliminate” people with no accountability… No one knows. It is done in plain sight… with government funding. I wrote the book as fiction as a necessity. My concerns are real. Some of the activities are/were “real.”

Behavior Modification Behavior modification is a science and it can and is used by the military… “Possible mechanisms by which T. gondii may affect human behavior include its effect on dopamine and on testosterone.” Jaroslav Flegr, Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Science, Charles, University, Vinicˇna´ 7, CZ-128 44 Praha 2, Czech Republic.

A recent study by Kevin Lafferty, a U.S. Geological Survey scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, explores the possibility that T. gondii may have effects at a cultural level in countries where many people are infected. The results support the hypothesis.

A parasite that infects the human brain, subtly changing its personality and social behavior. That is the essence of a body horror, but this little rascal isn’t fiction. This T. gondii parasite is considered to be one of the most successful parasites in the world due to its widespread, global distribution as well as its capacity to infect nearly every type of body tissue in all warm-blooded vertebrates on land or seas.

Military Applications “You want to know something utterly terrifying? Here’s something terrifying and not surprising. Folks who know about Toxo and its effect on behavior are in the U.S. military. They’re interested in Toxo. They’re officially intrigued.

Can You Image the Possibilities? – Scary? Who is Accountable?

To be able to design human behaviors to suit YOUR needs to do the “right thing.” Who decides what is the “right thing?” To be able to design soldiers with “customized” behaviors as needed? No one would know. No one is accountable. It is Top Secret… Done in plain sight. No one knows…

In the Need to Know classified environment, no one can ask questions. And I would think they would be intrigued, studying a parasite that makes mammals perhaps do things that everything in their fiber normally tells them not to because it’s dangerous and ridiculous and stupid and don’t do it. But suddenly with this parasite on board, the mammal is a bit more likely you go and do it. Who knows? But they are aware of Toxo” (Toxoplasma gondii) sic. ROBERT SAPOLSKY is a professor of biological sciences at Stanford University and of neurology at Stanford’s School of Medicine. T. gondii is an example of how the DNA can be modified the same as E.coli DNA has been modified to produce human insulin. This has been achieved using Recombinant DNA technology. T. gondii is from a parasite that has infected at least 50% of us. In France over 80% are infected. There is no cure. It changes our behaviors. Rats infected with T. gondii are attracted to cats. T. gondii must live in cat’s intestine to complete their life cycle.