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A plot to render the populations of the world submissive goes horribly wrong, and a geneticist operates inside the conspiracy to save mankind from a horrible future. What if there was a parasite had the ability to change the behavior of its hosts, causing them not only to lose all fear of their predators, but to seek them out? What if it could wreak havoc on the human brain, breaking down individual thought, rendering men passive and obedient?

No Accountability
Can you imagine the unlimited possibilities with leaders with no accountability? With hidden agendas?  

T. gondii DNA May be Manipulated – It is Hidden in Plain Sight!
The author used the leading parasite, T. gondii – which has infected over 50% of the human population, with no cure – to demonstrate the principle of ‘hidden in plain sight.’ As those who have worked in Top Secret areas, the ‘need to know’ is the mantra that dictates limited knowledge focused only on what the individual needs to know to perform their duties. This limits liabilities should this person be captured, tortured, or is a spy. These Top Secret people often have utilized the process of hiding in plain sight. Many Top Secret projects are built in plain sight. The nondescript pieces are constructed in plain sight and assembled in secure Top Secret areas. T. gondii is perfect. Most of us in the world are infected. Only geneticist working on this Top Secret project know…

Hidden Agendas?

Given the above facts, the author uses a step-by-step process of possible T. gondii DNA manipulation that could change the world. Using the secret organization, Novus Ordus Seclorum (N.O.S.) -on the back of our dollar bill!

New World OrderNovus Ordo Seclorum

New World Order (N.W.O.), they are hidden in plain sight. The rogue USAF General, Daemon Armstrong, who is not interested in how, only in what, has located his Top Secret DNA research lab in plain sight in Mojave Air and Space Port. The entrance to his Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) is in the rear of a civilian hangar. The general has access to ‘Black-Box’ budgets (congress does not know what the classified budgets are) and has recruited geneticist who has genetically engineered T. gondii.

The parasite T. gondii changes human behavior (true fact), breaking down individual thoughts, rendering them passive and obedient. They move forward with their plans to infect the entire world (true case of general population being infected from municipal water in Canada). Something goes horribly wrong. Their engineered T. gondii parasite has become lethal and there are those within the Novus Ordus Seclorum N.O.S. prepared to use the lethal form to rid the planet of the unfit and ’surplus population.’

Nobel Prize winning geneticist, Curtis Reid is brought to the secret base under Mojave Air and Space Port (ever wonder why there are Top Secret things in the area? – Entire research facilities underground – fact) to solve the riddle of T. gondii Daemon (name of new altered DNA) killing abilities and to provide Novus Ordus Seclorum (N.O.S.) with the key to their plans.

Curtis Reid, the agent of change can stop the genocide. He has his secret agenda. Only he can stop the hideous specter of a completely dominant New World Order (N.W.O.). … a world order that crosses political boundaries with their hidden agendas. Morals and Ethics for Sale Cross, double cross, and double cross again will become the order of the day as Dr. Reid struggles to save not only himself, those he loves, but all of humanity. Mind control, genetically engineered parasites, remote neural monitoring on a world basis, secret powerful organizations, conspiracies within conspiracies all hiding in plain sight, covered by our leaders’ great paranoia – only those with a need to know may know. Fiction ? Maybe… 

What Does Cats and T. gondii Have to do with it?

An amazing fact! The common parasite, T. gondii needs cats. The feline digestive tract is the only environment for T. gondii sexual reproduction; however T. gondii can be carried by warm and cold blooded (anchovies, mussels & etc.) hosts. The rat host is particularly affected by the parasite. Once produced, T. gondii has the innate power to change the behavior of their rodent host. T. gondii causes rats to not only to lose all fear of their predators, but to seek them out. True! The how of this has long puzzled scientists. Now it has been discovered this true fact also effects humans… T. gondii changes human behaviors! E. Coli DNA Manipulated To demonstrate how easy it is for dedicated individuals and/or organizations with no accountability can manipulate others, E. Coli is used as an example. Twenty years ago E. Coli was made from bovine products (cows).

Some people are allergic to bovine products. Scientist was able to use a ‘bad’ bug, E. Coli – most of us have already in our digestive tract – within our body defined limits to be ‘healthy’ – and hijacked the E. Coli cell’s DNA to modify to produce human insulin! E. Coli DNA is an excellent vehicle (virus) to insert and modify many existing DNA’s. No Accountability Can you imagine the unlimited possibilities with leaders with no accountability? With hidden agendas?

T. gondii DNA May be Manipulated – It is Hidden in Plain Sight!

My passion and fear-driven behaviors guarantee my success in success in obtaining “Best Seller” status. My behavior-driven goal is to educate, to raise awareness of what is happening…

As a former member of the Armed Services, (USAF) assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff – Far East; Crypto Top Secret organization, I have some knowledge about the book’s thesis. My book reflects real-world possibilities. I am concerned of unchecked, not accountable behaviors and activities…

I do Not Know the Answers.

I am aware of some of the “concerns.” There are more “out there projects” that are in plain sight. The issue of leadership NOT BEING accountable with the means to accomplished hidden agendas is frightening… “… biological weapons are ones whose intended target effects are due to the infectivity of disease-causing micro-organisms and other replicative entities, including viruses, infectious nucleic acids and prions.” Second edition of Health Aspects of Chemical and Biological Weapons: Report of a WHO Group of Consultants, Geneva. 

Your Behaviors May Be Modified by Others to do Their “right thing” — Who is Accountable? The government who controls the human mind, control everything.

Military Applications– The U. S. military knows about Toxoplasmosis (T. gondii) and its effect on human behavior. They are interested in T. gondii. They are officially intrigued.

Wars of the future might be decided through manipulation of people’s minds, concludes a report from the UK’s Royal Society. It warns that the potential military applications of neuroscience breakthroughs need to be regulated more closely.

Mind control, or behavior control provides leadership opportunities and challenges. The mind control challenges can make good leaders turn bad. The T. gondii parasite makes humans and mammals do things that everything in their fiber normally tells them not to because it’s dangerous and ridiculous and stupid and don’t do it. With this parasite on board, humans and mammals are more likely to do things they would not have done… no one would know. They may be hidden in plain sight.

Mind Control has no Accountability…

“All warfare is based on deception.” – Art of War, Sun-Tzu