Dallas W Thompson was born in Bakersfield, California to “Grapes of Wrath” descendants. First born son of three siblings of a preacher father and piano-playing mother. Raised (as in cane!) in small rural area, having learned to hand-pick cotton and potatoes, he worked for lunch money and a used bicycle in high school.

Attended University of Hawaii and graduated from Chaminade University of Honolulu with a Bachelor Degree 15 months from start to graduation while active duty in USAF – Joint Chiefs of Staff- Far East, Crypto. Obtained MBA – With Distinction one year from start to completion from University of Phoenix. Obtained MAE- Administration 9 months from start to graduation from Chapman University (oldest college/university in California). Completed courses for PhDIT and PhDOM at Capella University. Staff Accountant, Union Oil Company Refining and Marketing Division. Highest volume Honda Motorcycle Dealer (California 1980), retired age 31. Real Estate Developer and Licensed Engineer, General Contractor (Ca #344256), retired age 45. Science Instructor and High School Administrator, 10 years.

I want on my headstone: “He did it, and not wished he had done it” dallas93444 on HubPages

  • I was born with nothing and I still have most of it… Yet, I was born with everything I need.
  • Everybody dies, but not everybody lives…
  • Some people come into our lives as a blessing; others come into our lives as a lesson… I want the wisdom to enjoy each!


  • Was at the Berlin Wall in 1989, Christmas morning at sunrise. I realized the depth of man’s inhumanity to man and the importance of democracy. On a personal note, I had an epiphany: I need to share with others; I was alone at the time… with a piece of the Wall in my hand.

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  • Slept with electric eels in the Cook Islands. Unable to hike out of jungle from a stream in a canyon. –click below for details—

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  • Was made aware of importance of traveling with someone. Tumbled down steep mountain toward rocky stream hitting the only tree between me and the rocky bottom, knocking the bark off the tree with the corner of my left eyebrow ridge. I could not see with my left eye because of the steady stream of blood…
  • In the dark, jumped over a waterfall to an unknown bottom (sounded like a pool) from an unknown distance. No way around the water fall: trapped; alone, no one knew where I was.

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  • Built a 50’ bamboo raft (Kontinue) in Fiji and attempted to sail to Sydney, Australia.
  • Had teamed with Prime Minister Sitiveni Rambuka’s, nephew, Rob to restore Fijian old customs. There are 844 islands which only about 100 are inhabited. They had used bamboo rafts to navigate. Attempted to restore old methods of “bilibi” (bamboo raft) construction and ocean navigation. —Click Below for Details—

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  • Fun time: Built 25′ raft on Feather River, Northern California. Constructed 20′ tall teepee with tie-dyed sheets in the middle of the raft! Floated down into Sacramento River and into deep water channel. I felt like a monkey on a football when the huge ships went by to and from San Francisco. I smiled each time they had to raise draw bridges to let my “raft” to float under… felt like Tom Sawyer! —Click Below for Details—

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My mother’s family’s struggle to survive the depression and their “Okie” migration to the land of milk and honey, Weedpatch, California where John Steinbeck wrote his famous novel, “Grapes of Wrath.” “Yes Mother, I Do Remember.” See rough draft: —Click Below for Details—


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